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Future work: Plan


Collection 1 - The Land


Study title - Looking On


A recognition of the landscape using acrylic, charcoal and pastel.


Mood - Freedom and space.

This collection will be a reflection on the landscape that evokes the past in a contemporary way. To try and capture that moment, the emotional reaction to the openness and vast distance before us.


The work will use the uniqueness of the plains and landmarks of ancient Wessex in shape, form and colour.      


Collection 2 - The Sea


Study title - Sun Light

Abstracted coastal work in acrylic.

Mood - Exhilarating

These works will be exploring the power and movement of the sea and coastal areas especially the west of Cornwall. The overpowering urge to make gestural marks and spotting the touches of orange, lime green and purple-red lichen found on the rocks. 





Collection 3 - The Abstract


Study title - Peace Within

Abstracts in acrylic.

Mood - Emotional

Endeavouring to find the peace and tranquility in a space on the canvas. To layer the surface and to search for the elusive combination of colour and form culminating in a quiet but emotional piece.



Study title - Quiet Place

Abstract in acrylic, charcoal and pastel.


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