Karen Welsh was born in Surrey in 1962 and trained as a commercial sign painter. This became her profession until she moved to Wiltshire in 2011.


She took this opportunity to become a full time painter. Inspired by the open landscapes, the big skies, the textures and colours of the Wiltshire landscape, she developed her technique of using strong primary colours with brush and palette knife to lay down onto canvas what she saw and felt.


Karen has now begun her journey into abstraction. Experimenting with gestural marking with other abstract painting techniques. Continuously layering the paint to create either a semi-abstract to abstract work. Striving to make pieces that inspires an emotional response.


2018 ‘” The contrasts of light and shade in a still life or a landscape are captivating. The sun directs its light onto people doing everyday things, whether they are just gazing or sharing a split-second interaction, this is something I also like to capture. Creating work is like being on a long and exciting journey, discovering new techniques, or being inspired by another artist. There is a joy about making a decision that becomes a success and takes you in a new direction. We are always learning and progressing along the way ”


2019 “I began to feel the need to abstract, I felt my work too predictable. Painting in this
way is so exhilarating it feels true to the art of creation. I never know what is going to
happen. This is the new direction painting with instinct and emotion”

Karen Welsh

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