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Development during lockdown

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

25th July 2020

I have never been in the position

to be able to stop and take a breath. After the busy winter exhibition season and preparing for the Spring Contemporary Art Fair in March it was full on planning.

When the lock down was put in place suddenly everything stopped. After the initial cleaning stage and the DIY tasks that had piled up had been attempted, the sourdough starter had been made, it was time to concentrate and to re-evaluate my business.

I created a better accounting program with Excel, I started to study marketing which caused me to radically change my website.

At the start of the lock down my focus was to sell work from my website. I designed the website to suit, with a shop and a real commercial look.

Then I came across a Facebook video talking about the art world and how to navigate it, the different options available and how to tackle them. This has made me focus.

Maybe selling on my website isn’t the right way. The coronavirus has caused exhibitions to cancel. Art buyers need to see the work before they commit to buy.

My decision is to be represented by galleries who know how to work with the fairs, they have wonderful galleries and curate work to look the best. They take over the responsibility of selling work, they are the professionals.

The website has now been redesigned to appeal to the galleries, I am so happy with it. This feels right for me.

The last series of paintings I created have been delivered to The Wey Gallery in Godalming. They are awaiting frames and will be on display very soon. I am happy to hear sales in the galleries are doing well. People are buying artwork instead of holidaying!!

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