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Battlesbury Hill - Warminster


Karen is such a versatile artist…….. and a dangerous one too. From ‘Lola the Chicken’ through two more Wylye Valley landscapes, she was the natural choice when we thought of commissioning a painting of one of our favourite views. 

The result is just what we had in mind – bold, colourful, with plenty of Karen’s artistic licence, yet true to the essence of the subject. Stunning!

- Richard and Caroline

January 2020

Al0303 The Rolling Ridge.jpg

The Rolling Ridge


At a Summer outdoor Art Fair, I was excited to come upon Karen’s paintings. Clearly inspired by the rolling countryside of Wiltshire and Dorset, the boldness of colour and shapes displayed a rarely seen originality of approach.  I could not pass by, so one of the landscapes is now displayed

in my hall way.

- Cecilia

August 2020

DSCN1047 crop.jpg
AL0295 The sea upon these hills.jpg

Further Downstream


Karen’s paintings jumped out at me from across the Greencroft at a Salisbury Art Exhibition.

On closer inspection I really liked her use of colour and shape forming abstract landscapes and was attracted to one painting in particular.

A visit to her gallery saw me buying two of her paintings that captivated me and are a constant source of pleasure in my home.



The Sea Upon These Hills



- Simon

August 2020


After the Storm


Your painting in it’s new home.  It has kept surprising us, as we had got so used to the painting that was there before.  It is a constant delight and the colours glow.  We love it and Many thanks.

- Valerie

August 2020

A0315 Winter homeland.jpg

Winter Homeland


Back in December, when we could leave our homes, we visited the @salisburyartsscene at the Market Square.

We met with the insanely talented @kwca_artist - and my wife fell in love with this beautiful painting, now hanging in the centre of our living room. And I even got to peer inside the studio of a proper artist when I went to collect!

(I had to wait for a new phone to arrive to do the picture justice!)

- Mark

December 2020

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