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The start of a new week in the studio

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

14th June 2020

Abstract or semi abstract who knows?

After spending last week revamping the website with a new feel. I am ready to work on the next painting. The canvas is 76cm square I have already painted a base of colours onto the surface with some drips to get me started. I've gone with a semi abstract landscape composition but this could change!

It is always difficult to get started, after the inevitable procrastinating I will take a large brush and make some marks. Once I have started I can't stop. I am engrossed, layering the paint and using different tools to get the effects, shapes and interesting marks I want. There will be scraping and scratching rubbing and splattering, placing colours and tones with balance and thought. I have no idea how this will turn out all I know is I'm going to love the process.


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