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How outdoor exhibitions have given new life to the arts in Salisbury

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Outdoor exhibiting is a new way forward for the safety of the exhibitors and our art-loving visitors. In this blog, I describe the evolution of this new and exciting initiative for Salisbury.

Plain Arts Salisbury is a not-for-profit arts organisation in Salisbury. I sit on the committee as treasurer and art trail administrator. We organise a bi-annual art trail which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Covid. It is a great event which is the highlight of our programme. There was inevitably much disappointment for us and our members.

Whilst we were unable to mix inside to exhibit our work, a great friend of mine Sally Edwards had the idea to set up outdoor exhibitions in our front gardens initially to replace the art trail. Everyone was delighted and eager to be involved. This developed from being a one-off front garden exhibition to a fantastic monthly open-air exhibition in one of Salisbury’s beautiful parks, The Greencroft.

Each month Salisbury Art Scene sets up on a Sunday the outdoor exhibitions to show the work of the local artists. Social distancing and adhering to the hygiene rules has never been a problem. Visitors and exhibitors were keen to get out and visit as this was the only event going on. The exhibition was then moved onto the Market Square right in the centre of Salisbury. Salisbury City Council has been so supportive helping to develop this great event into what it is today.

I have been one of the fortunate people who have found during Covid lockdowns and restricted living a time to develop. Having the uninterrupted time to work more fluently has helped me create the best work I have ever done. I am painting from intuition and drive to produce the work I love.

The Salisbury Art Scene outdoor exhibitions have proved to be the perfect place for me to show the new work. The reaction from the visitors and sales produced at the events through 2020 has given me certainty in the direction I have taken. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my passion for painting it has made me realise I am the best person to sell my work.

My website is now set up for buyers to purchase directly from me again. I only sell original work and have produced smaller original works on paper at very affordable prices starting at £15. I want everyone to have the chance to own a unique original piece of work or to give as a special gift.

We look forward to being back out there in the Market Square starting this March and onwards through the year, I say with my fingers crossed 😊

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