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Pushing on through

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

24th June 2020

One of the small works 'Pink scented water'

In my last post I talked about the next painting I would be working on. I don't know what happened but that one came off the easel and an mdf board replaced it.

In between painting my mid sized paintings I work on small 5" square mixed media on paper. These are such fun to do, I sit them around the studio and use them to inspire the larger paintings.

'The sea upon these hills'

I started work on 'The sea upon these hills' two weeks ago it has been a tough one. I wanted to take my time and think about the process carefully. The colour palette I used was GOLDEN alizarin crimson, cobalt blue, cadmium yellow medium, black and white. I also used charcoal and pencil.

It has changed drastically through the days with the aim to produce a work that is capturing the essence of the subject without fussy marks, where every colour stands independently against it's neighbour with balance and tone.

Through perseverance and determination I have reached my goal. Painting is hard, abstract painting is very hard but it's worth all the tension to create it when you achieve something right.

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